WOW! NUTRITION is born from the union of two companies already known to the market: WOW!,!, which operates in the healthy drinks and has in its portfolio important brands such as Sufresh and Feel Good, and Gold Nutrition, second largest in the market of sweeteners, with traditional brands like Assugrin, Doce Menor and Gold, and child nutrition with the brand Vitalon.


The merge started in October 2009 and was consolidated in March 2010 following the world trend of vertical growth, not losing the tradition of bringing customers innovative and quality products. This move made the company a reference in the market of drinks and healthy foods.    

Currently, the company has three factories, Caçapava (SP), São Bernardo do Campo (SP) and Paulista (PE), and around 1100 employees.

WOW! Nutrition  based on its slogan  ” Nutrition for living well” keeps the essence of the two companies: WOW! bringing in its expression joviality and innovation, and Nutrition for its concern about nutrition on the everyday life of customers. The new company will act in healthy food and beverages, with diet, light, functional and infant nutrition alternatives.


The history of the brand Gold Nutrition began at the end of 1973, with the launching of Vepê, a company specialized in diet foods, committed to the development of high quality products and low calorie, healthier and more pleasurable every time.    

In 1970 and 1980 decades, when the market was looking for healthy substitutes for sugar, the company launched Doce Menor and Assugrin, followed by Gold Aspartame, which was sweeter than sugar and with a lot less calories and in 1989 it released Tal e Qual the innovative culinary aerated sweetener to be used in the same amount of sugar.    

In 2005, Vepê becomes Gold Nutrition, a company specialized in diet and light products and also functional soy based products with the brands Soyos and Woman Care.    

Vitalon, infant nutrition brand appeared in 2007 with a line of cereal and milk flour.


WOW! was created in 1999, with the goal to offer innovative and healthy drinks for every occasion, aiming the well-being and quality of life.    

In 2004 Sufresh is launched, in 2005 Feel Good, consolidating itself in the market of drinks with flavors and innovative concepts. Caferrazi arises in 2007 bringing the cold coffee-based drink. In 2009, more releases: Yogomix, Pronto e Caseiro and Açai. In 2010 Akoko, coconut water in a can. And our product lines don't stop growing.

Wow Nutritional
Wow Nutritional
Wow Nutritional